Staci Dooley

Move-In Coordinator
Staci Dooley

Before working at New Pond Village, Move-In Coordinator Staci Dooley worked in a psychiatric hospital for 14 years and as a nanny, as well. One of her earliest memories involves seniors because her mother volunteered at nursing homes and brought Staci along when she was a child.

“It’s kind of in my blood to help people and make their situations more comfortable,” she says.

Staci has worked at New Pond Village since early 2020 and enjoys her job. “I love the idea of helping take the small details of the move off the shoulders of new residents and help them have an easier transition into the community.”

As move-in coordinator, Staci acts as a bridge between sales and the community and serves on the welcoming committee.

She says the best part of her job is hearing residents’ stories. “Some are amazing; some are heartbreaking,” she says. “The wisdom they can share is just awesome.”

Staci loves to spend time outdoors hiking, kayaking and camping when not at work. She also takes dance classes and volunteers at an animal shelter.

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