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Four Ways To Improve Your Quality of Life

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Quality of life is the general well-being of an individual – and everyone has their own definition. Engagement, health, independence and creativity are all components that may play a role. Maintaining a strong quality of life can become challenging as friends and family move away, careers turn into retirement and free-time becomes more difficult to fill.

To help you on your journey to living your best life, we’ve created four simple tips and explained how a senior living community can support you during the process.

Say Yes to Adventure

Your quality of life can improve significantly as you take on new adventures and continue to grow in the hobbies you love.

Adventure can be as simple as exploring your own neighborhood. Take time to visit museums and restaurants and commit to learning about the history of your town. These experiences will help you feel more connected and may help you discover new passions for you to explore in your free time.

At New Pond Village, we are committed to making the most of our residents’ leisure time. We offer monthly opportunities to visit Boston-area museums, attend orchestra concerts and explore new restaurants. Our approach makes taking on new adventures as simple as saying “Yes!”

Minimize Daily Stress

Retirement doesn’t always mean a stress-free existence. Stressful demands once attributed to your career or raising a family may be replaced with financial and health-related stress and activities which become more difficult as we age.

At New Pond Village, we offer the Lifecare Advantage plan to help you better manage the cost of healthcare and have more control over your long term care. Lifecare is a financial and care benefit for our continuum of care to provide a worry-free lifestyle in Independent and Assisted Living, Memory Care and includes a Skilled Nursing Benefit.

Home maintenance may also become an added stress. Lawn care, home repairs and cleaning may become more tedious as you age. At New Pond Village, we provide a maintenance-free lifestyle to allow our residents to enjoy their lives more fully.

Make Health a Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle improves mood and your overall outlook on life. However, we know daily exercise and healthy eating may be difficult to commit to on your own.

Scheduling weekly opportunities to get active by attending a group fitness class at the local senior center or taking daily walks with a friend may help make fitness feel like less of a chore.

At New Pond Village, the Live Now, Live Well™ program is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and health in older adults. Our fitness center offers residents a place to socialize while engaging in individual forms of exercise or group classes. Delicious meals prepared by our team of award winning chefs are served tableside in a variety of dining venues and always include healthy options.

Grow Your Support System

In large part, quality of life is attributed to the strength of our social connections and our ability to socialize often.

Make the effort to get involved. Volunteer for an organization you are passionate about and identify opportunities to enjoy your hobbies with a group rather than on your own. Consider joining a book club if you are an avid reader or attending an art class if you enjoy being creative.

Enjoying a community of neighbors offered by a senior living community may also make socialization simpler. Daily activities provide the opportunities you need to connect with others who enjoy the activities you love.

These tips in practice may provide the changes you need to improve your quality of life. While changes can always be made on your own, you may find a senior living community provides the support you need – and, importantly, the opportunities you want – while helping you maintain your highest level of independence.

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