Adam Manchester

Executive Director
Executive Director Adam Manchester

Campus Executive Director Adam Manchester was very close to his grandparents growing up, and he credits that, as well as his experience as captain of his college basketball team, as the inspiration for his approach to running the community.

“It really helped me to realize there are many different levels of leadership as well as roles to be played in a cohesive team—and in taking the time to have fun and enjoy each other,” he says. “I try to incorporate that in my approach every day.”

Working with seniors is Adam’s passion; he has dedicated his entire career to senior living. He has been with New Pond Village for five years and Benchmark Senior Living, New Pond Village’s parent company, for more than 20.

Adam says interacting with residents brings him to work every day. “Whenever possible, if I can be out of my office, my favorite part is spending time with our residents and team members, getting to know who they are and more about them,” he says.

Outside work, he loves spending time with his wife Rebecca; three children, Tristen, Finley and Noa; and the family’s two dogs, Nali and Mia. He also enjoys the outdoors, golf, CrossFit and tabletop games with friends.