Patrick McShane

Director of Sales and Marketing
Patrick McShane

Patrick McShane has worked in the senior living industry since the early 2000’s. He has a Bachelor of Marketing degree from Bentley College and a Master of Print Journalism from Boston University. Patrick worked in sales and as a consultant with other organizations before coming to New Pond Village. He found he best enjoyed working in a community, so he reached out to some contacts and got two job offers. One was with New Pond Village. “I wanted the opportunity to come back and work directly with the individuals making these life-changing decisions,” he says.

Patrick says he enjoys what he does; most days, he adds, it doesn’t feel like a job to him. “We build relationships, and if people choose to move to New Pond Village, we see each other every day,” he explains. “In any other transaction, when it is completed, you may never see your representative again. In this world, that is when the relationship is just beginning.”

The opportunity to help people who have given so much is what he enjoys best about his job, saying, “Now there is time to enjoy their life and pursue their passions – and I get to be one of the many people at New Pond to help make that possible.”