A Global Culinary Adventure: Winter Tastes Around the World

Guests at New Pond Village traveled to India, Italy and Greece alongside residents, associates and fellow travelers.
December '23

A One-of-a-Kind Event

The Winter Tastes Around the World event at New Pond Village transported attendees on a global culinary adventure, immersing them in the sights, sounds, and flavors of winter festivities across the globe. From the lively Diwali celebration in India to the Feast of the Seven Fishes in Italy and sweet traditions in Greece, each stop offered a unique winter experience. Guests collected souvenirs, learned fun facts, and enjoyed the warm hospitality of New Pond Village residents and associates along the way.

From India to Italy to Greece

The event took attendees on a community tour, allowing them to escape the cold and kick off the winter season with a whirlwind trip from New Pond Village to far-flung locations. Residents joined the fun, engaging with guests, while friendly associates guided travelers around the community for a tour. Conversations with fellow travelers and exploration of the vibrant independent living community enriched the overall experience.

India: At the Indian stop, attendees celebrated Diwali, the festival of lights, with delightful samosas and fruit lassis. The ambiance was enhanced with a vibrant marigold-decorated tree and playing card souvenirs, symbolizing blessings of wealth and prosperity.

Italy: Italy brought the Feast of the Seven Fishes to New Pond Village, a tradition rich in symbolism and flavor. Guests enjoyed seafood delights, champagne, tiramisu and learned about the significance of torrone (nougat) in regional Italian cuisines, taking them home as a special gift.

Greece: The Grecian stop featured traditional desserts like melomakarona and kourabiedes, paired with pomegranate dessert cocktails. Decorations included a blue and white tree, sailing boat centerpieces and a spread of Greek delicacies curated by Food and Beverage Director Lacey Rainey. Souvenirs included evil eye and New Pond Village ornaments.

Experience New Pond Village for Yourself

As the event reached full capacity, those who missed it are encouraged to watch the recap video and keep an eye out for future events. Whether you’re a prospective resident or simply curious about the vibrant community at New Pond Village, there’s always an exciting journey waiting for you. Tour our campus, meet our friendly residents and learn more about maintenance-free living.

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