New Pond Village Performs Radiant Acts of Kindness

WALPOLE, MA – Delivering meals and goodies and surprising the Walpole Police Department with treats one day were just a couple of the Radiant Acts of Kindness the residents and staff at New Pond Village took part in to celebrate the month-long Benchmark corporate initiative in July.
New Pond staff and policemen
August '18

(Pictured: New Pond Village Director of Sales Patrick McShane (far right) and other team members delivered treats to the Walpole Police Department in July.)

New Pond Village is one of 56 Benchmark Senior Living communities to participate in ‘Radiant Acts of Kindness,’ a campaign to spread love and compassion in the communities they are part of.

A highlight of the month was surprising the Walpole Police Department with delicious treats to say thank you for all the support and hard work the police department does each and every day.

“It was wonderful to be able to show our appreciation for all that the men and women of the Walpole Police Department do each and every day,” said Patrick McShane, director of sales at New Pond Village. “They work tirelessly to serve and protect, and it is an honor to know we are part of the community where they serve. We are fortunate to have a wonderful relationship with so many of our community partners.”

New Pond Village did its part to help Benchmark exceed its company-wide goal of 1,700 radiant acts for the month of July. Last year, more than 1,200 acts were performed in honor of the company’s 20th anniversary. Photos and more details about the good deeds can be found on New Pond Village Facebook and Twitter pages and are archived with the #BeRadiant2018 hashtag.