View From the Field: New Pond Village Resident Reflects on Lifelong Love of Baseball

For Lois Fitzgerald, her love for baseball runs deep.
April '24

If you’re a baseball fan, baseball season is the most wonderful time of the year.  That holds true for New Pond Village resident Lois Fitzgerald, who first caught the bug when she was 8 or 9 years old at summer camp.

Resident Lois Fitzgerald with her high school softball coach
New Pond Resident Lois Fitzgerald (formerly Lois Montecalvo) pictured during her softball playing days at Walpole High School. [Yearbook Photo]

“I played until I was 52,” she says, “I just loved it.”

Lois played in three different softball leagues over the years—first in Norwood, then, “I tried to retire, and my friends brought me back to the Wrentham league. I thought I’d retire again, but my daughter was playing for a co-ed team, so I joined them part time. That was in North Attleboro.”

Lois Follows Every Game

While Lois’s playing days are now over, this shortstop’s rooting days are most certainly in full swing. “I follow every game.  Every one of ‘em.”

She is talking about the Red Sox, of course, although she was raised in Rhode Island in a large Italian family of Yankees fans. “I think it was probably around the time I got married I decided it was time to root for the Red Sox and I’ve rooted for them ever since.”

Lois Fitzgerald playing ball in high school
Lois played shortstop for Walpole High School.

Baseball, as she sees it, is about camaraderie. “I made so many good friends,” she recalls. “We had such a good time. When you’re out on the field everything else is out of your mind. You can just relax and have a good time.”

Baseball Has Seen Her Through Tough Times

It’s the game, she says, that also got her through some tough times. In 2004, when the Red Sox were making their historic, curse-breaking run to the championship, Lois was diagnosed with a very rare disease that affects the skin and muscles. “There wasn’t much I could do, and the Red Sox kept me going. I got to watch all the games and it was so exciting. I felt like they were playing for me.”

Hope for a Winning Season

This season, she has the same hope as the rest of the Fenway Faithful. “I just want to see that winning record. It’s been discouraging the last couple of years. I was disappointed they got rid of (Alex) Verdugo, but it looks like we have an up-and-coming outfield, and our infield is excellent. I can’t wait!”

Game On: Sports Enthusiasts Unite

At New Pond Village, our activities calendar offers activities aimed at bringing residents together. There’s always an array of engaging events to enjoy. During baseball season, our sports-loving residents often gather to watch games, proudly donning their Red Sox attire, enjoying hot dogs, popcorn and cheering for their team. And amidst our spirited fans, Lois stands out with her unwavering passion for the Red Sox.

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