Walpole’s New Pond Village Team Treats Residents On Halloween

The leadership team dressed up as characters from "The Addams Family" to entertain residents and their guests.
Senior living staff dressed for Halloween
November '21

WALPOLE, MA – New Pond Village, a Benchmark continuing care retirement community, got into the spirit of Halloween to entertain its residents. The entire leadership team paid tribute to “The Addams Family,” with each person creating an authentic representation of a character from the movie that blew residents, staff and visitors away, according to a press release.

Campus Executive Director Adam Manchester dressed up as Lurch.

“Every year we try to pick a theme that our team can get involved with that also incorporates a theme from our community,” he said. “Two years ago, we were the ‘Village People.; Three years ago we were superheroes, and this year we were “The Addam’s family,” which is a nod to my name and the new movie. We also picked it because the movie is appealing to many generations – younger people who know the newer movies, people who were raised in the 90s and our residents who remember the TV show.”

Originally published on Patch.com