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Finding Home: Carol Fiske’s Story of Moving to New Pond Village

A local Realtor, Carol didn’t think she was ready for senior living, but one visit changed her mind.

When Carol Fiske saw the first signs of construction at New Pond Village’s groundbreaking, she knew she wanted to live here but wasn’t sure the timing was right. Experiencing the community as it began to take shape, she soon realized that she was ready to make make a move and transition to a welcoming, social environment with activities and amenities galore.

Transition to Independent Living

For many seniors like Carol, there comes a time when they ready to lessen their daily responsibilities and desire companionship. According to US News & World Report article, this transition from “living independently” to “independent living” signifies a move to a senior living community, offering not only relief from chores but also a vibrant social environment and access to tailored amenities.

New Pond Village Is Special

At the time, Carol was a Realtor in Norwood and was familiar with the market and local senior communities. She knew New Pond Village was special; she just thought it was too early to move to a continuing care retirement community (CCRC).

However, she kept an eye on New Pond Village. She saw friends’ mothers and fathers move in and watched the community grow. In the back of her mind, she was thinking about her plan.

From Realtor to Resident

In 2017, Carol stopped by and was shown an apartment home. “Looking around, I said, ‘I could live here. This is so nice,’” she recalls. That day, she was only interested in a price sheet. However, she decided to move to New Pond Village on the spot! Within three months, she was a new resident.

Home Maintenance Was Becoming Too Much

Carol realized, “I was probably ready to leave my house.” Going up and down stairs and keeping up with home maintenance was becoming too much. It was time for the next thing.”

Carol is very glad she moved to New Pond Village when she did. “I would encourage anyone to come here,” she says.

A Close-Knit Community

New Pond Village is a close-knit community with a feeling of togetherness you won’t find anywhere else. Our residents enjoy actively socializing and doing things together. The activities and the amenities offer as much and as little as you want. But if you have a day where you don’t feel like socializing, there’s always plenty to do on your own.

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