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Generations of Independence

Jackie Mason followed in her mother’s footsteps to find the perfect place for retirement.

New Pond Village resident Jackie Mason

Jackie Mason and her sister knew their mother, Eileen York, couldn’t live alone anymore. She was losing her vision and trying to keep up with her house, but the sisters also knew their mother needed to thrive in an active community. Their search led them to New Pond Village, which Jackie learned about through friends at church. “My mother was so relieved to have the burden of running a house lifted,” said Jackie. “She tried to be very independent, but there’s only so much independence you have living alone at 88.” Jackie described her mother’s move to New Pond Village as a highly positive experience unanimously supported by all her siblings. Eileen lived at New Pond Village for a decade until her passing. Inspired by her mother’s experience, Jackie chose to follow in her footsteps after going through her own life changes.

From Nurse to New Beginning

Jackie met her husband while working as a nurse at Boston Medical Center. After raising their children in Westwood, the couple downsized to a home in Norwood. Even that felt too large after Jackie lost her husband, which led her back to New Pond Village—this time for herself. At first, it was a homecoming of sorts as Jackie fondly looked back on her mother’s close-knit circle of friends and the strong sense of community.

Community Life

Six years later, Jackie has her own circle of friends and still feels that sense of community. She appreciates the ride program, which allows her to visit the Boston Symphony Orchestra, as well as diverse offerings in the community like music performances and educational lectures.

Encouraging Connections

Jackie encourages prospective residents to visit New Pond Village and, if possible, stay overnight to truly grasp the essence of the community. She acknowledges, for some, “it can be difficult because a lot of people are shy and terrified by the idea of going to the dining room and eating by themselves.” But, she says, everyone in the community is welcoming and there are new chances every day to connect with fellow residents. “When I first moved in I went to dinner every night and asked the hostess to seat me with three other people. It was a great opportunity to get to know other people.”

Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care
Finding the Right Fit
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