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Resident Leif Jacobsen Decision Making At New Pond Village

Leif Jacobsen

After living for more than 50 years in Walpole, Massachusetts, Leif Jacobsen decided it was time to make a choice about independent living and where he would best fit in and feel most welcome.

He didn’t have to travel too far when he decided to make New Pond Village his new home about four years ago. He said he had visited golfing buddies at New Pond Village before moving in. He is an avid golfer and plays twice a week.

“I wanted to make the right decision the first time. The only way to determine that it’s the best place for you is to see it and experience the warm atmosphere. I’m independent and I wanted to make the right choice,” explains Leif. “It is a village. There is a sense of community. The residents are safe and happy.”

Knowing that New Pond Village is a warm and welcoming community makes the move smoother. Leif knows his children are relieved that their Dad will be happy. He knows his children were worried about him when he lived alone at home. “I think it’s important that both the kids and parents are really happy – it’s a beautiful thing.”

New Pond Village in Walpole was the perfect choice for Leif. He has children who live in Walpole and other children with families who live within an hour away. Being close to family was an important factor in the decision-making process.

Leif is very active and serves on the boards of three companies. He said he and his business partner sold their electronics company in 2004 and have been enjoying retirement ever since. Moving to New Pond Village has allowed him to continue his carefree, independent lifestyle while removing the worry from his life and the lives of his children.

Career: “My partner and I owned an electronics company,” says Leif. Besides golf, he also snow and water skis.

“If you want to go do something at New Pond Village, there are all sorts of opportunities,” says Leif. The next chapters for Leif are well underway in Walpole and at New Pond Village.

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