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Moving Into Senior Living: A Guide for a Smooth Transition

From the decision-making phase of moving to a senior living community to the actual move-in day, there are many decisions to make and things to do. You may grapple with practicalities like sorting through belongings, determining what to keep and preparing your home to sell.  It’s likely that you will experience a range of emotions—from […]

Don’t Be Afraid of the Conversation

New Pond Village Campus Executive Director, Adam Manchester, was recently featured in Senior Living News, where he shared valuable advice on the crucial conversation about retirement planning. We’ve shared his op-ed below: Deciding to move to a retirement community can be one of the biggest and most daunting decisions a family makes. It’s on par […]

New Pond Village ‘How To’ on Downsizing

More than 40 percent of Americans ages 50-64 plan to move in the next five years. In our region, people tend to live in their homes for decades, and this represents a rare influx of inventory coming into the market. According to CNBC, by 2030, Boomers will sell 26 million homes, releasing them into the […]

How To Have “The Talk” With Your Parents About Aging

Have you noticed your parents are starting to need more help around the house, or are having trouble managing their medications or eating properly? As you and your parents plan for the future, it’s important to talk to them about aging and quality of life. Flipping the caregiver role can be difficult, but it’s imperative […]

CCRC’s Like New Pond Village Grow In Popularity

The senior population continues to grow as Baby Boomers age and so does the need for senior living options. Continuing care retirement communities (CCRC) like New Pond Village in Walpole, Massachusetts, are becoming more popular choices. Part of the reason for the increase in the popularity of the CCRCs is that a couple can make […]