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Staying ahead of the latest innovations in Memory Care is what it takes to be a leader in delivering superior Memory Care programming and services. At Walpole-based senior living community New Pond Village, the newly opened Memory Care neighborhood provides superior services to its residents and their families.

Research shows that one-third of the residents in an assisted living community have Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, and these residents benefit from receiving more specialized memory support and care. At New Pond Village, through our memory care, we are creating innovative ways to use therapy to help residents communicate and support long-term memory care.

Carolyn Roycroft, director of memory care at New Pond Village, ensures her team is leading the way in innovative and person-centered care. “At New Pond Village, we follow the Alzheimer’s Association philosophy with programming that is purposeful, thoughtful and helps the residents feel accomplished.”

Carolyn says the team works really hard to connect with each resident and adapt programming and activities to what the residents enjoy or what they did in past careers. One resident is a former pediatric nurse so they use baby bibs and hats to stimulate and retrieve long-term memory with her.

The team works with residents and their families closely to hold onto their stories and remember what they have enjoyed most in their lives. The team adopts a positive approach centered around love, respect, trust and choice.

A few of the innovations underway at New Pond Village include pet therapy, inventive care settings, rigorous lifestyle programs and technology.

New Pond Village residents also take an evening stroll before dinner where the residents spend 20 minutes in the courtyard bird watching. They pick herbs like oregano, thyme or basil. They then smell, feel and recognize. This process encourages other senses. An evening stroll also can lead to a poetry reading in the garden where there are edible flowers. The residents recite poetry together or do rhymes. Carolyn and her team also join in the fun.

A lot of planning goes into the daily, weekly and monthly activities. Carolyn and Tasha Thomas, resident care director, work in tandem to build a robust schedule for the residents.

Following the recommendations of the Alzheimer’s Association, New Pond Village promotes physical activity like arthritis stretches and sitting exercises.

Bottom line is it is person-centered care that follows the Alzheimer’s Association philosophy. Knowing the residents and using good interpersonal relationships are keys to success. The focus of memory care at New Pond Village is on long-term memory and encouraging communication and verbalization.

“We have a lot of fun. We have a great team. Tasha Thomas and I do it together,” says Carolyn.

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