Carolyn Roycroft

Activities Director
Carolyn Roycroft

Carolyn Roycroft has a lengthy background in activities programming. Before working at New Pond Village, she worked in Framingham, Mass., as a program director with the Council on Aging under the city’s Parks and Recreation Department. She also worked as a director for the Bellingham, Mass., Council on Aging.

“I decided I like working in a community really closely with residents,” she said. When her predecessor at New Pond Village left to pursue a psychology career, Carolyn was asked if she was interested in campus programming. She quickly said, “yes.”

“I thought it was a great opportunity to do what I had been doing and what I love to do,” she explains. “It was a natural progression for me.”

Carolyn oversees the programming for the whole community. Offerings range from guest lecturers and musicians to physical activity to trips to the farmers market. “I love working with the residents and finding out exactly what they most enjoy,” she says. Their favorite things often inform the programming, she said. “We take the residents’ interests and develop programming around them.”

The residents know they can tell Carolyn what programs they like or dislike because she actively seeks feedback. “I feel I work for the residents, and I want to make sure they’re getting exactly what they want.”

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